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For the International Ayurveda Foundation to truly make a difference, both in the lives of exceptional individuals and in India as a whole, we need your help.

The IAF in the UK is a non-profit UK Company, limited by guarantee, having no share capital and registered Charity No. 1105162.

The IAF in India is a Non-Profit Organisation registered under Section 25 of the Companies Act, 1956 with registration number U-91120-MH-2005-NPL-150948 dated 1st February 2005 and registered under Section 12AA and 80G of Income-tax Act, 1961.

All the donations will be acknowledged with a receipt, if the donor wishes to avail of local Income-tax benefits.

While there will be great rewards to this innovative program, there are also expenses. For this program to fulfill its potential, we will need to rely on the generosity of forward-thinking people who would like to make one of the most important investments of their lives.

Your donations in the UK and India towards promoting Ayurveda will be significant for us in our mission. You will be helping India as well as the whole world to have a healthy possible future.

Contact us for more details or send your donations by cheque or by direct credit into the IAF accounts in the UK and India.

Bankers in UK:

National Westminster Bank Ltd.
City of London Office
1 Princess Street
London EC2R 8PB

The International Ayurveda Foundation
(Sterling Pounds) A/c. No. 39218856, SORT Code: 60-00-01

The International Ayurveda Foundation
US$ A/c. No. 140/00/42046920, SORT Code: 60-00-01

Bankers in India:

HDFC Bank Ltd.
101-104 Tulsiani Chambers
Free Press Journal Marg
Nariman Point
Mumbai 400 021.

International Ayurveda Foundation,
Current Account No: 00012000016603
MICR Code: 400240003

Medicinal Plants
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