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IAF Charter & Mission Statement

The International Ayurveda Foundation (IAF) : UK, India and Switzerland, is an independent, non-government and non-profit organisation, which represents a wide range of Ayurvedic stakeholders including the practitioners and users of this traditional system of medicine. The main objective of IAF is to promote the authentic practice of Ayurveda to provide safe, effective and economical health care to all those who wish to benefit from this ancient art of healthy living. The IAF seeks to bring together global leaders in the field of traditional systems of medicine to provide a neutral, incisive forum for an ongoing discussion and debate on the crucial issues of globalisation and acceptance of Ayurveda, as well as its related issues and policies.

IAF interacts with regulatory agencies and other institutions engaged in the same field by carrying out scientific research and development for safe and effective use of these products for centuries.

IAF is committed to the highest standards in Ayurveda practice and is opposed to trivialization of Ayurveda by developing an internationally acceptable standard of education and teaching programs in Ayurveda.

IAF helps in preparing research projects for Ayurveda formulations and procedures. IAF is currently conducting a research on Global Status of Ayurveda through Pilot Assessment Project. IAF is also engaged in promoting an in-depth research on Ayurveda education and curricula the project is titled “On Ayurveda education of yore: on current status of Ayurveda education”. A core group of experts are working on both these research projects. IAF is currently working, with group of scientists on research for a project of the subject of “Ayurveda Drug Testing and Certification Laboratory”.

IAF Mission Statement

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