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Director & Management Team

United Kingdom
Dr. Vishal Gulati, Chairman (UK)
Mr. Mark Rosenberg (Germany)
Mrs. Saroj Patel (Switzerland)
Dr. S. N. Gupta (India)
Mr. Surendra Kumar (UK)
Mr. Praful Patel, General Secretary (UK & India)
Ms. Shakuntla Shukla (UK)

Dr. A. J. Baxi, Chairman
Dr. Tapankumar Vaidya
Mr. Dhaval Sanghavi
Mr. Praful Patel, General Secretary

Consultant / Advisor
Dr. C. K. Patel (Switzerland)
(Former Director of UNCTAD)
Legal Consultant:
Mr. Jonathan Butterworth, UK
IAF has Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with:
  • Gujarat Ayurved University, Jamnagar, Gujarat State
  • VEAT (Professional Association of Ayurvedic Practitioners and Therapists), Germany

IAF has a Gujarat Chapter at Jamnagar:

Dr. Kishor Maheshwari, Chairman
Mr. B.K. Saboo, Secretary
IAF has many distinguished Ayurveda physicians and academicians as advisors. They have given continuous advice and input to IAF and we, therefore, intend to publish the names of such honorary contributors on the website.

IAF has about 1400 Associate Members who have signed up to the Charter of IAF. We intend to put the list of Associate Members on the website.

IAF was founded during 2002-03 by Dr. Vishal Gulati, Dr. Hemalatha Potti, Mr. D.K. Singh and Praful Patel.

IAF wishes to pay tribute to Dr. Hemalatha Potti for her untiring efforts and work for almost six years for IAF, both as founder and former director of IAF in India.

IAF also wishes to express their sincere thanks to Dr. Shriram Savrikar, former Vice Chancellor of Gujarat Ayurved University as a former Director of IAF in India. Dr. Savrikar had to resign because of he is joining the government service. He continues to act as an Advisor in his personal capacity.


National Westminster Bank, UK
HDFC Bank, India

Honorary Auditors:

Messrs Carringtons, UK
Messrs Amit Khatiwala & Co., India

Honorary Solicitors:
Ms. Nipun Gupta, UK

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Jungle Flame
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