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Mission Statement
Appropriate State Recognition of Ayurveda: IAF will pursue in as many countries as possible the recognition of Ayurveda as a distinct medical system with a unique nature of practice. IAF will assist these countries in every possible way to appreciate and recognise the unique nature of this ancient science.

Appropriate Regulatory Status of Ayurvedic Products: The Foundation will ensure that health policies as well as medical and pharmaceutical regulatory regimes in various countries do not discriminate against and undermine the practice and promotion of Ayurveda. Accordingly, in countries and regions where the regulatory status of Ayurvedic practice and medicines is challenged, IAF will interact with regulatory agencies and concerned stakeholders to ensure that regulatory frameworks are implemented, which take into account the longstanding history of continuous safe and effective use of Ayurvedic products.

Development of Research Programmes in Ayurveda: IAF will assist agencies and research institutes worldwide to create databases, which demonstrate the quality and safety of existing Ayurvedic products. IAF will also support research projects for the development of new Ayurvedic formulations and procedures.

Appropriate Training, Education and Certification of Ayurvedic Practitioners: IAF is committed to the highest Ayurvedic standards and practice. IAF will therefore promote and represent those practitioners who are appropriately trained and educated in the art and science of Ayurveda. IAF will promote the development of a standardized and internationally acceptable education and training programme, which maintains the authenticity and integrity of classical Ayurveda, integrates new and evolving knowledge and also incorporates the required training in the basics of modern medical sciences to certify a person as a fully accredited Ayurvedic practitioner.

Generation and Protection of Intellectual Property of Ayurveda: IAF will promote protection of new knowledge in Ayurveda for the benefit of those who generate this knowledge. IAF's role in this will be facilitatory and advisory. IAF will also approach the World Trade Organisation (WTO), World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO), Food and Agricultural Organisation (FAO) and similar international bodies, and refer to various treaties to promote the protection of intellectual property rights of traditional knowledge of Ayurvedic practices and formulations.

Co-operation with International and Regional Organisations: IAF will work with international and regional organisations, such as World Health Organisation (WHO), United Nations Education and Science Organisation (UNESCO), WIPO, South Asian Association on Regional Co-operation (SAARC) and WTO to ensure Ayurveda's global recognition as an independent health care system. The IAF will liaise with these organisations as well as with relevant academic and research bodies to promote policies at international and national levels to enhance better understanding of Ayurveda, to help develop methods and standards to promote greater use of and better access to the knowledge and practice of Ayurveda, to serve as a forum for mainstreaming Ayurveda, and to disseminate knowledge and information about Ayurveda through programmes of education and training.

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